Looking for a green lawn? Fertilizing is key

Like most homeowners, you surely would like to have a green lawn. Fertilizing is one of the most important lawn care practices, and if you are neglecting to fertilize your yard it will surely fail over time. Fertilization isn’t a difficult process, but it can take some getting research in order to perfect it. If you’re ready to have a green lawn, fertilizing is an important step that you shouldn’t neglect.

So you’re ready for a green lawn? Fertilizing is an important step, but selecting a fertilizer can be one of the most challenging parts of the process. Read on to learn more about how to know what type of fertilizer is right for your lawn, as well as the outside help that is available if caring for your lawn has become too much for you.

Many homeowners make their way to the local gardening center assuming they’ll find just one type of fertilizer there. They are surprised to see that there are nearly as many types of fertilizer as there are grass seeds, and each one has its place. Some could be detrimental to your lawn, so you’ll want to do the proper research before selecting one.

Before you fertilize your lawn, you should always perform a pH test. This test can tell you a lot about your lawn, including the type of fertilizer that you should use. Most grasses grow best in soil that is slightly acidic, and a pH test will tell you the exact level of acidity or alkalinity that is present in your soil.

If the soil has too far of an alkaline reading, you’ll need to use a fertilizer that is acidic in nature. Similarly, if the soil has too much acid you’ll need to add a little alkalinity by using a fertilizer designed for this purpose. There are many articles available that will help you decide which type of lawn treatment that your lawn requires based on your pH test results.

The two most basic types of green lawn fertilizers are organic and inorganic matter. There are many types of organic fertilizers, these include compost, fresh manure, grass clippings, and pine straw. Inorganic fertilizers have been specially crafted to provide your lawn with certain types of nutrients, and if you know what your lawn is lacking and need to provide these nutrients quickly this will be your best bet.

One easy way to give your lawn a quick boost using organic fertilizer is to serve it some compost tea. This entails combining your compost and filtered water and leaving it to soak for a couple of days. Then, strain this mixture and spray it around your lawn. You’ll see the results in no time.

If you don’t have time to spend performing fertilization and other lawn treatments that are required for your yard, you may need to ask for outside help. Many homeowners are resistant to ask for help, but if you aren’t prepared to give all of the care that it requires this is your only shot at successful grass.

Landscaping companies see to all of the lawn maintenance and care in your lawn, including mowing planting and fertilizing. A lawn care company, however, will only provide the services that your lawn needs for help. When you select a lawn care company, you’ll still be responsible for mowing your lawn and performing some other basic maintenance. This is the best choice for homeowners who require an extra hand when it comes to advanced lawn treatments, but still want to have an active role in caring for their yard.

TruGreen will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

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