Trees and shrubs are prized assets to a healthy, beautiful lawn. So don’t neglect them. Just as you care for your grass, give them expert care and attention with tree & shrub services from TruGreen. Mix and match services to create a tailored plan for your healthy yard.

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Tree & Shrub Evaluation

Understanding the complete health of your trees and shrubs is an important first step. A TruGreen lawn care expert will thoroughly inspect your property, closely examining your trees and shrubs to determine their type and overall health, as well as the potential for disease and pest issues. After your Tree & Shrub Evaluation, your lawn care specialist will provide you with a customized treatment plan that aligns with your plants’ needs.

Spring Feeding

No tree grows without the right food. This topical application saturates the soil surrounding your trees and shrubs with just the right nutrients to sustain growth, color and leaf size.

Root Zone Fertilization

When trees and shrubs need an extra boost, your TruGreen specialist will infuse specialized nutrients directly to the root for quick absorption. This method also helps with growth, color and leaf size, but can help develop and strengthen root systems below the surface, too.

Early Growth Protection

Don’t let controlable diseases like leaf spot, powdery mildew or cedar rust ruin your landscape. TruGreen’s expert lawn care specialists are trained to identify the early stages of plant disease and can provide fast, effective remedies to manage these problems.

Mid-Season Foliage

As the seasons change, so do the types of desease and insects that infect your trees and shrubs. Aphids, lace bugs, mites and scale-are common during the summer and early fall months, and can cause significant damage if left untreated. Your TruGreen lawn care specialist will inspect your yard’s vegetation for these seasonal problems and will promptly treat any infestations.

Late-Season Foliage

TruGreen’s late season foliage protection safeguards your trees and shrubs from insects and mites that typically attack late in the season. Keeping your plants protected during the cooler months ensures a full bloom come spring.

Over-Winter Insect Control

Trees are at risk from overwintering parasites and predators, better known as mites, moles and bores. To save your foliage from these dangers, TruGreen provides a specialized treatment designed to deter pests and protect your trees’ vitality all winter long.

Horticultural Oil

As the weather turns cooler, insects that burrow deep within the trunks, stems and leaves of plants to hibernate can be stopped with an application of specialized horticultural oil. Your TruGreen specialist will determine which variety your plants need and will apply it at just the right time to keep out these unwanted winter guests.

Targeted Trunk Injection

When a tree needs a quick inoculation to ward off disease or insects, or to help it grow, a targeted trunk injection can get fungicides, oils or nutrients right where they’re needed – and fast. It’s one of the best ways to help trees build immunity against certain types of insects and help weak trees regain their strength once again.

TruGreen Guarantee3

Three and shrub service is no exception to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just like with your TruGreen Guarantee3, you can call on TruGreen any time to make adjustments to your pla, or correct issues that need attention at absolutely no cost to you.