Are Your Lawn Problems Getting Out of Hand?

How to tell when you need a professional

Caring for a lawn may not seem like a challenging task, but it may not be as easy as you think. There are many types of lawn treatments that may need to be performed in your yard throughout the year, meaning keeping your lawn healthy and green requires more than regular mowing and irrigation. Many homeowners aren’t prepared for the full amount of lawn care that is required in their area, and sometimes it becomes necessary to seek out the help of a professional lawn care provider.

Various lawn problems that spring up throughout the year are usually signs that you are missing out on some important care steps. Weeds, for example, are much more likely to occur in a yard where grass health is already declining. When grass is healthy, the roots have a strong, tight bond to the earth. As the blades grow weak so do the roots. Once the under-workings of your lawn begin to fail it becomes very easy for weeds to squeeze their way in.

Watch out for warning signs

How do you know when professional assistance is required? Keep an eye out for the following lawn problems, if they become present the time has come to seek help.

pest population in your lawn may be the sign of existing lawn problems, but that is not always the case. Either way, it is important that you seek professional assistance as soon as pests becomes present in your lawn. Not all pests are harmful, but it can be hard to tell if the ones that are in your lawn are without an experienced lawn care professional. Some pests feed on grass and ornamentals, and if their population rises they can destroy your lawn in just a matter of weeks.

Dry, yellow or brown grass can be the side effect of many lawn problems, but most homeowners do not have the tools and knowledge required to identify which problem is present. Too much or too little irrigation, a lack of airflow, unbalanced pH levels or even lawn fungus could all be to blame for dying grass. A lawn care company can quickly get dying grass back on the road to recovery.

If grass is failing to grow even after spring arrives, you may need to reseed your lawn or perform fertilization treatments. Both of these practices can be complicated, but a professional will have no problem spotting which type of treatment is required, as well as the best way to carry it out. Fertilization can be very tricky, the type of products that are used as well as the timing vary greatly from yard to yard.

If weeds are popping up, it could be due to many factors. Your lawn’s health may be on the decline, or these weeds could just be a common occurrence in your area. It is hard to tell without having a professional identify the type of weeds that you’re seeing. There are many weed treatments that can be performed, and a professional can point you in the direction of the right type of treatment for your weed problem.

Don’t let lawn problems be detrimental to your yard

Lawn problems can be confusing to sort out, but with the help of an experienced lawn care provider the guesswork is eliminated. If you are having trouble resolving lawn problems in your yard, you should reach out to a provider right away to learn about the best treatment strategies to resolve the issues you face. A novice provider could cause more harm than good, so make sure to select a lawn care company with a rich history of happy customers. Your lawn requires nothing but the best care, so take care of any lawn problems right away.

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