A Simple Lawn Maintenance Schedule for the Busy Homeowner

Between your full time job and the other hectic items on the schedules of you and your loved ones, you may not have a lot of extra time for lawn maintenance. Schedule the treatments and seasonal maintenance that are required in your lawn ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary hassle. You may not have much extra room on your calendar, but by making a lawn maintenance schedule ahead of time you can anticipate the needs of your lawn throughout the year.

Planning is essential

Many homeowners who have an agenda that is already full don’t think they can take the time to create a lawn maintenance schedule, but taking care of this small task can prevent dozens of headaches and unexpected lawn treatments down the line. You don’t have to be a lawn care professional to understand the type of maintenance that your lawn requires, you just need to do a little bit of research about your area.

Regional conditions affect your lawn more than any other factor, and by studying the weather patterns, soil types, invasive pest threats and plant varieties in your part of the state, you can start to understand what’s going on in your own yard. Look through a local almanac or consult a lawn and gardening professional in your town to learn as much information about the local conditions as possible. Once you’ve gathered this information you can start to create your lawn maintenance schedule.

Forget about exact dates

You may enjoy planning most when you can set a day and know that the task will be performed then no matter what, but in your lawn this simply is not how things work. When scheduling maintenance or lawn care treatments in your yard you are looking for the best time for your yard, and that day could very easily change. Factors like recent drought or rainfall are one of the most variable, but your soil’s pH balance and the height of the grass are important as well.

Some treatments, such a pre-emergent pesticides, require very exact timing in order to perform as intended. If you miss your opportunity for this treatment by just a few days it can be completely ineffective, but even these treatments won’t take place on an exact date. That’s not all, just take a look at mowing: Each time you mow your grass you should only be removing 1/3rd of the total length of the blade. Remove more than this and you could be doing damage to your turf, and often this is the case when homeowners continue to mow their lawn on a set schedule that relies on dates. Plus, If you mow your lawn the day after it rains the soil will still be malleable, causing more damage than good in your yard.

If you’re overwhelmed, simplify the process

The process of creating and carrying out a lawn maintenance schedule may seem too daunting or time consuming for you, and if you have a busy schedule you may need to delegate some of the responsibilities. Lawn care companies have experience in creating these schedules, and they can set you up with a plan that will result in you having a successful yard all year long. Get in touch with your lawn care company today and ask about their scheduling services, as well as their suggestions for ways that you can improve on your annual lawn care practices. A healthy lawn is well-maintained, and asking for help is not a sign of giving up: It’s a sign of a commitment to a healthy lawn.

TruGreen will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

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