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Pricing for Williamsburg Customers:

50% Off First Application1 on all new plans! 1-855-940-1479

TruMaintenance Starting at $240/year 50% Off First Application1
Includes expert analysis, slow-release fertilization and weed control for a healthy and green lawn all year long.
TruComplete Starting at $362/year 50% Off First Application1
A complete suite of services guaranteed to keep your lawn growing strong. Often includes aeration and other specialty services.

Starting price based on 0-2,000 square foot property in the Williamsburg area. Price driven by geographical factors in this specific location. Call for exact pricing.

  • The Healthy Lawn Plan℠
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis2
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn-Feeding Insect Control
  • Lawn Aeration and Seeding
  • pH and Soil Analysis
  • Disease Control
  • Targeted Insect Control
  • All-natural fertilizer and weed control available under the TruNatural® Plan.

Experience Tailored Lawn Perfection with TruGreen in Williamsburg, Michigan

Williamsburg, Michigan, homeowners now have the opportunity to embrace the lush, vibrant lawns of their dreams with TruGreen's expert lawn care services. TruGreen's customized approach blends local knowledge with scientific expertise to deliver exceptional care for your lawn, trees, and shrubs. Whether it's the comprehensive TruMaintenance plan or the natural touch of TruNatural, TruGreen has a solution to fit every Williamsburg resident's outdoor space.

Tailored Lawn Care in Your Community

Living in Williamsburg, you understand that Michigan's climate can pose unique challenges to maintaining a healthy lawn. TruGreen provides customized lawn care solutions, like TruHealth and TruComplete, designed to address the specific needs of your lawn, no matter the season or local weather conditions. With a team of local experts who are well-versed in the Williamsburg climate and ecosystem, TruGreen is committed to delivering exceptional care to keep your lawn thriving all year long.

TruGreen vs. DIY: Expert Care for Your Lawn

Choosing professional lawn care with TruGreen means entrusting your outdoor space to specialists who understand the science behind a healthy lawn. Unlike DIY approaches that can be hit-or-miss, TruGreen's PhD certified specialists use a science-based Healthy Lawn Analysis® to determine the precise needs of your lawn, ensuring optimal results with tailored treatment programs. Save your weekends and leave the lawn care to TruGreen's professionals who are equipped to tackle lawn and grass challenges with expertise and precision.

Local Lawn Challenges and the TruGreen Solution

Homeowners in Williamsburg may face diverse lawn issues like soil compaction, invasive weeds, or pests. TruGreen's local lawn care programs are designed to address these challenges head-on, providing solutions like lawn aeration, targeted weed control, and pest management to ensure a healthy ecosystem for your lawn.

Lawn Care Through the Seasons

With the changing seasons in Michigan, your lawn requires different care strategies throughout the year. TruGreen's seasonal lawn care plans adapt to the shifting needs of your lawn, providing the right treatment at the right time, from spring rejuvenation to fall preparation and winter protection. Whether it's aeration and overseeding to promote thick turf or soil amendment services to balance pH levels, TruGreen's year-round approach ensures your lawn stays in top condition.

The Value of TruGreen's Science-Driven Approach

TruGreen stands out with its unwavering commitment to science-driven lawn care. From rigorous training for specialists to partnerships with leading suppliers and university scientists, TruGreen utilizes cutting-edge research and technology to deliver lawn care that's both effective and environmentally responsible. This scientific foundation ensures that every treatment is tailored to deliver the most beneficial outcomes for your outdoor space.

Neighboring Cities Also Served by TruGreen

Homeowners in nearby cities, such as Traverse City, Elk Rapids, and Kalkaska, can also experience the benefits of TruGreen's expert lawn care services. With regional expertise and a range of plans to fit different landscapes and preferences, TruGreen's reach extends beyond Williamsburg to help more Michigan residents enjoy beautiful, healthy lawns.

Williamsburg Time

Trust the experts at TruGreen of Williamsburg to help you get the greenest, healthiest lawn in your neighborhood. TruGreen's PhD-certified specialists have designed a revolutionary lawn care program that's guaranteed to reinvigorate even the weakest lawns. And with hundreds of locations across the U.S., each TruGreen specialist is uniquely qualified to manage the local factors impacting your lawn.

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