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Pricing for Pierson Customers:

50% Off First Application1 on all new plans! 1-855-940-1479

TruMaintenance Starting at $240/year 50% Off First Application1
Includes expert analysis, slow-release fertilization and weed control for a healthy and green lawn all year long.
TruComplete Starting at $362/year 50% Off First Application1
A complete suite of services guaranteed to keep your lawn growing strong. Often includes aeration and other specialty services.

Starting price based on 0-2,000 square foot property in the Pierson area. Price driven by geographical factors in this specific location. Call for exact pricing.

Experience the TruGreen Difference in Pierson, Michigan

Homeowners in Pierson, Michigan now have the opportunity to experience unparalleled lawn care services with TruGreen, America's #1 lawn care company. Priding itself on a customer-first approach, TruGreen delivers customized lawn plans and expert advice to ensure your outdoor living space thrives in all seasons. Whether you're facing stubborn weeds, lawn diseases or seeking a lush, green yard, TruGreen's unique plans like TruMaintenance, TruHealth, and TruComplete are designed to meet the specific needs of your landscape.

Tailored Lawn Solutions for Pierson Residents

TruGreen understands that each lawn has its own unique requirements, which is why we offer personalized services to residents in Pierson and nearby Michigan cities. With local expertise and a commitment to science-driven care, our specialists provide your lawn with exactly what it needs to flourish. Our customers in Pierson can rely on TruGreen for services that contribute to a healthier, more vibrant lawn and outdoor space.

The Professional Touch vs. DIY Lawn Care

The benefits of choosing professional lawn care with TruGreen are numerous. A team of PhD-certified specialists uses their extensive training to create a nurturing environment for your lawn, so you don't have to spend weekends figuring out the intricacies of lawn nutrition and pest control. With our science-based approach, we ensure that your lawn receives balanced nourishment and expert attention, surpassing what typical DIY methods can offer.

Standing Out from the Rest

TruGreen's commitment to a lush lawn goes deeper than other lawn care companies. We don't just treat your lawn; we tailor a comprehensive plan that addresses the foundation of lawn health—soil quality, root strength, and consistent, nutrient-rich fertilization. Our local specialists in Pierson are equipped with the knowledge and tools to recognize and treat your lawn's specific needs, differentiating us from the one-size-fits-all approach of other services.

A Foundation in Science and Expertise

At the heart of TruGreen's success is our deep-rooted expertise in agronomic science. Our specialists undergo rigorous training to tackle everything from common weeds to complex diseases. Homeowners in Pierson benefit from our specialists' local knowledge, ensuring that treatments are effective and environmentally responsible.

Cost-Effective Care for Your Lawn

Investing in TruGreen's services not only saves you time but also money in the long run. Our experts apply treatments efficiently and effectively, avoiding the waste that often comes with DIY attempts. Moreover, a healthy lawn can significantly enhance property value, making TruGreen's services a wise financial decision for Pierson homeowners.

Solutions for Local Lawn Challenges

Pierson's climate presents unique challenges that require local solutions. From tackling season-specific weeds to preventing cold-weather root damage, TruGreen's services are specifically designed to address the issues most prevalent in Michigan lawns.

Embracing the Seasons

Seasonality plays a vital role in lawn care, and TruGreen's plans are crafted to adapt. Whether you're preparing for the harsh Michigan winter or looking to revive your lawn in the spring, our specialists are skilled at ensuring your lawn is provided for all year round.

Tips for a Sustained Green Space

TruGreen doesn't just service your lawn; we empower you with knowledge. Watering techniques, mowing schedules, and signs of pest infestations are all areas where our TruGreen specialists provide invaluable advice, helping Pierson homeowners maintain their lawns between visits.

Homeowners in Pierson, Michigan, can trust TruGreen for a lawn that's more than just a patch of grass—it's a cornerstone of their home. With scientifically backed treatments and a guarantee of satisfaction, TruGreen is the wise choice for a lawn that stands out in your community.

Pierson Time

Trust the experts at TruGreen of Pierson to help you get the greenest, healthiest lawn in your neighborhood. TruGreen's PhD-certified specialists have designed a revolutionary lawn care program that's guaranteed to reinvigorate even the weakest lawns. And with hundreds of locations across the U.S., each TruGreen specialist is uniquely qualified to manage the local factors impacting your lawn.

From knowing whether the local soil composition allows your favorite shrubs to take root, to understanding how the Pierson-area's weather patterns affect turf growth, your TruGreen specialist combines his or her knowledge of the Pierson area with specialized horticultural training to deliver unprecedented results.

The TruGreen Method

It takes a special blend of important micronutrients to give your lawn the critical nourishment it needs to grow strong and maintain color. It also takes a trained expert to protect your lawn from weeds, pests, disease and extreme weather – all detriments to a perfectly balanced yard.

So to strike the right balance for your lawn, TruGreen begins your service plan with a Healthy Lawn Analysis®. During this visit, your Pierson TruGreen specialist closely examines your grass, soil, plants and nearby environmental conditions in order to create a fully customized lawn care plan.

From there, your visits are driven by the types of services included in your plan. General treatments, like fertilization, weed control and insect control, are handled on regular intervals. More specialized services, like disease treatment and nuisance insect control, take place at key points throughout the year. Each plan is unique and will include the right blend of growth stimulation solutions and hazard control treatments to meet your lawn's needs.

Typical Lawn Services Include:
  • - Healthy Lawn Analysis2
  • - Pre-Emergent & Targeted Weed Control
  • - Fertilization
  • - Chinch Bug and Grub Prevention & Control
  • - Nuisance Insect Control
  • - Aeration
  • - Soil Amendment
Typical Tree & Shrub Services Include:
  • - Tree & Shrub Evaluation®
  • - Seasonal Feeding
  • - Early Growth Protection
  • - Mid- and Late-Season Foliage Protection
  • - Root Zone Fertilization
  • - Overwintering Insect Control
  • - Horticultural Oil Application

Limited time offer // Backed by TruGreen Guarantee3

TruGreen Keeps Lawns Healthy All Year Long

Lawn care doesn't begin and end with warm weather. To create a truly healthy, vibrant lawn, you need expert lawn care all year long. Your TruGreen lawn care plan will follow a seasonal schedule, depending on the lawn care needs in Pierson and your particular part of town. Here's a quick glance how services would be scheduled for a typical TruGreen lawn care plan:

Keeping a lawn in top shape doesn't mean you have to spend your Saturdays with a weed-eater. All it takes is one phone call to your local Pierson TruGreen expert.


Spring - Time for fertilization to bolster new growth, weed control to remove debris from winter storms, aeration and seeding to prepare for warm weather grasses, and disease and pest control to wipe out problems hidden by winter snow.turf from losing its luster.


Now is the time to get irrigation in line with newly planted trees and to prevent summer draught, test your soil for proper pH balance and enjoy the outdoors with targeted insect control.


Fertilization again to help your lawn recover from summer heat, aerate and seed for cold weather grasses, and apply fall dormant oil to protect trees from overwintering insects.


Winter protection shields plants from the hazards of harsh winter weather, fertilization keeps your lawn nourished below the January frost, and root zone fertilization does the same for your trees