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Pricing for Flint Customers:

50% Off First Application1 on all new plans! 1-855-940-1479

TruMaintenance Starting at $374/year 50% Off First Application1
Includes expert analysis, slow-release fertilization and weed control for a healthy and green lawn all year long.
TruComplete Starting at $544/year 50% Off First Application1
A complete suite of services guaranteed to keep your lawn growing strong. Often includes aeration and other specialty services.

Starting price based on 0-2,000 square foot property in the Flint area. Price driven by geographical factors in this specific location. Call for exact pricing.

  • The Healthy Lawn Plan℠
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis2
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn-Feeding Insect Control
  • Lawn Aeration and Seeding
  • pH and Soil Analysis
  • Disease Control
  • Targeted Insect Control
  • All-natural fertilizer and weed control available under the TruNatural® Plan.

Experience the Green with TruGreen Lawn Care in Flint, Michigan

Flint homeowners seeking a lush, vibrant lawn need to look no further than TruGreen, the nation’s leader in lawn care services. With science-driven expertise and a customer-first approach, TruGreen provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to the unique seasonal challenges of Flint, Michigan. From nutrient-rich lawn plans like TruHealth® and TruComplete® to specialized services for trees and shrubs, TruGreen Flint ensures your outdoor living space is in excellent hands.

The Natural Choice for Flint Lawns

Flint's climate and local soil conditions create specific lawn care challenges that demand specialized attention. TruGreen Flint's professional care stands out by offering local, tailored solutions that consider Flint's seasonal weather patterns and common lawn issues. Whether you're in Flint or neighboring communities like Grand Blanc or Burton, TruGreen's plans are designed to adapt to your lawn's needs, ensuring robust growth and vibrant color all year round.

Benefits of a Professional Touch

DIY lawn care may look like a cost-effective option at first glance, but the advantages of enlisting TruGreen's professional services are clear. With TruGreen, you gain access to PhD-certified specialists who apply their scientific knowledge to your lawn's unique needs, ensuring treatments are timely and effective. This professional approach saves you both time and the potential cost of misapplication associated with DIY methods.

A Cut Above the Rest

Comparing TruGreen to other lawn care companies, it's evident that TruGreen's commitment to a science-based approach sets it apart. While others may offer a generic solution for all lawns, TruGreen Flint crafts a personalized plan after a thorough Healthy Lawn Analysis®. This attention to detail means better results and more satisfaction for homeowners in Flint.

Rooted in Science and Expertise

TruGreen's expertise is grounded in rigorous scientific research, partnering with university scientists to ensure cutting-edge lawn care services. From Michigan Certified Nurseryman like Roger May to our locally trained lawn care specialists, TruGreen dedicates extensive resources to training and development, making our team the most reliable in the industry.

The Value of a TruGreen Lawn

While pricing for TruGreen services varies based on your property's size and specific needs, Flint residents can rest easy knowing they are receiving high-quality, science-backed lawn care at a competitive rate. With treatment programs known to be effective and backed by the TruGreen Guarantee, the investment in your outdoor space is clear.

Tackling Local Lawn Challenges

Homeowners in Flint may encounter a range of lawn and grass issues, from invasive weed species to lawn-damaging pests. TruGreen's tailored treatment programs, such as our Grub Prevention & Control Services, offer the right defense against these local adversaries, keeping your lawn healthy and resilient.

Seasonal Lawn Care Savvy

The key to maintaining a healthy lawn in Flint is understanding its seasonal needs. TruGreen's local specialists are adept at adjusting treatment schedules and applications according to the changing Michigan seasons, ensuring your lawn receives care that's just right for the time of year.

Lawn Care Wisdom for Flint Homes

TruGreen is not just about treatments and applications; it's also about guiding homeowners with valuable tips for lawn maintenance. Proper mowing and watering practices can greatly enhance the effectiveness of TruGreen's services, and our specialists are always ready to offer advice to keep your lawn thriving between visits.

Flint homeowners can trust TruGreen for unmatched lawn care that combines local knowledge with scientific expertise. It's about more than just a beautiful lawn; it's about creating a greener, healthier space that reflects the best of your home. For a lawn that stands out in your neighborhood, turn to TruGreen Flint for a professional, scientific, and customer-focused approach to lawn care.

Flint Time

Trust the experts at TruGreen of Flint to help you get the greenest, healthiest lawn in your neighborhood. TruGreen's PhD-certified specialists have designed a revolutionary lawn care program that's guaranteed to reinvigorate even the weakest lawns. And with hundreds of locations across the U.S., each TruGreen specialist is uniquely qualified to manage the local factors impacting your lawn.

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