Tired of Seeing Weeds in Your Lawn? Here’s What You Can Do.

Weeds are, by definition, a problem for your lawn. They enter a war with your grass, fighting for both space and nutrients. If you don’t take the time to remove the weeds in your lawn right away your grass will begin to fail, and quickly. In order to ensure that the time and money that you’ve invested in your lawn doesn’t go to waste, take every step necessary to put an end to these unwelcome plants.

Here are some of the best steps to take to prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn:

Stay on top of your lawn care practices

Weeds in your lawn are oftentimes a sign that you are not taking the proper lawn care stepsFertilizationaeration, frequent mowing and irrigation are all very important to the total health of your lawn, so make sure that you are dedicating the proper amount of time to these lawn treatments.

Pests can also lead to weeds in your lawn. Pests can cause the health of your grass to deteriorate quickly, giving weeds even more of an opportunity to take over your yard. There are many pest control chemicals that can be bought in stores, but incorrect application of these treatments can have negative effects on your lawn. To prevent the damage caused by these chemicals, it is recommended that you leave pest control measures to a professional.

Chemical treatments can prevent weeds in your lawn

It doesn’t take long for weeds to take over your lawn, but by making use of herbicides intended for weed removal you can ensure that this is not the case in your yard. There are two types of treatments that are available to homeowners: Pre- and post-emergent.

Pre-emergent treatments are applied to your lawn before any signs of weeds are seen. These chemicals prevent problematic plants from growing in your lawn, but timing is essential. If you spread pre-emergent chemicals throughout your lawn after seeds that result in weeds have germinated, the treatment will be completely ineffective. If used in time, this type of treatment is the most effective way to prevent the damage caused by invasive plants like weeds.

If you miss your window of opportunity to apply pre-emergent chemicals, you will need to make use of the post-emergent variety. These treatments are applied after weeds have appeared in your lawn, you simply spray them directly onto the plant itself. The chemicals used to make these treatments are strong, and if you aren’t careful they could kill more than weeds. Your otherwise healthy grass could die if just a small amount of these herbicides lands on it, so precision is key when applying these treatments.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

If you give weeds too much time to progress in your lawn, all of your hard work could be in vain. In just a few short weeks weeds in your lawn can steal all of the nutrients that are meant for your grass, leading to a dry and patchy yard. If weeds are still a problem despite your best efforts it may be time to seek out professional assistance.

Lawn care companies specialize in removing the weeds in your lawn. By trusting a professional with the job you won’t have to worry about wasting money on treatments that do not work as intended. When selecting a lawn care service, make sure to pick a company that has a history of success in your area. They’ll know about all of the local invasive plant threats as well as the best types of treatments for the conditions in your part of the country.

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