5 pieces of lawn equipment that every homeowner should have

If you’re looking to care for your lawn on your own, there are certain tools that will make this task much easier. Amateur and experienced homeowners will agree that all of these tools will make it a breeze to keep your lawn healthy and greenHere are 5 pieces of lawn equipment that no homeowner should go without:

1) A quality mower

There are dozens of mowers available on the market. Some are powered by gas while others rely on electricity, but with each variety you’ll find both high-end and budget-minded options. While these budget mowers may be appealing, you cannot avoid getting what you pay for. The best thing you can do for your lawn is to spring for a nicer lawn mower: Not only will it make cutting your grass easier, but it will also ensure that no unnecessary damage damage occurs.

When you begin shopping for a mower, make sure that they models you consider include all of the following:

  • Adjustable blade height
  • Easily serviceable and replaceable parts
  • High quality wheels

2) Electric hedge clippers

Traditional head clippers work fine, but anyone who has used an electric version will tell you that the difference is unbelievable. Trimming your shrubbery and other ornamentals is so much easier with these electric hedge clippers, and the same amount of work that used to take hours can now be performed in just a few minutes.

When it comes to price, electric hedge clippers are certainly more of an investment than the manual lawn equipment that we all know so well. Once you’ve experienced the ease of use and saved valuable time you’ll see that the difference is well worth the added cost. In fact, you’ll probably be asking yourself why you waited so long to invest in this new lawn equipment.

3) A simple aerator

Aeration is an important lawn process, and one that can really make or break your lawn. Since this process may need to be performed annually, or sometimes even bi-annually, it can get expensive to rent aerators each year. By investing in a simple, core-based aerator you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Avoid spiked aerators. Though these devices are common, they can eventually create the problems that aerating is supposed to help you avoid. Compaction, for example, can occur soon after using a spiked aerator, since plugs of soil are just pushed down instead of being fully removed.

4) A seed spreader

Anyone who has planted new grass in their lawn knows how difficult it can be to evenly distribute seeds during planting. If you’re spreading seeds by hand this can be nearly an impossible task. Thankfully a simple piece of lawn equipment known as a seed spreader will make it much easier. These devices are designed to properly distribute the seeds as you lay them, ensuring no one area has too many or too few seeds. This proper distribution makes all of the difference in your lawn growing properly, and this piece of lawn equipment is extremely affordable.

5) An irrigation system

If you live in an area that experiences very little, or even just infrequent, rainfall – you know the struggle of attempting to keep your grass green. A simple irrigation system removes this issue, and will help you keep track of how much water your lawn receives. Overwatering can kill your lawn just as quickly as drought, so make sure to use this piece of lawn equipment carefully. Keep a close eye out for rain, and always turn your sprinklers off until the ground has dried.

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