How Weeds in Your Lawn are Killing Your Grass

Many Americans start to panic when they notice the presence of weeds in their lawn. This is for a good reason, because there are many varieties of weeds that will kill your grass if not eliminated properly and in a timely manner. Some invasive plants that find their way into grass are more stubborn than others.

By understanding what’s happening in your lawn you can take steps to ensure that your grass stays healthy and weed-free. Homeowners who educate themselves about weeds have the best shot at eliminating them properly and in a timely manner.

Weeds steal nutrients from grass

There are many nutrients that are required for healthy grass, and weeds wreak havoc on your lawn by absorbing these nutrients before your grass has the chance to do so. Water, light and elements found in soil, like nitrogen, are all essential for healthy grass growth. Without the proper balance of these factors, grass has no shot at survival.

Weeds compete with the other plants in your lawn for these nutrients, and if enough time passes without taking care of this problem you will have a lawn full of dying grass that has become overrun with weeds. In lawns where weeds become a problem, grass quickly loses its chance of survival. Problems with weeds should be controlled as quickly as possible.

Weeds compete for space, too

Once weeds start to make use of the nutrients that are intended for your the health of your lawn they are able to spread using the space that was meant for your grass. The longer the weeds have to creep into the rootzone of your grass and ornamentals the harder they are to eradicate. You can prevent this from becoming a problem by eliminating weeds as soon as they sprout or, ideally, before they can plant roots in your soil. The process of getting rid of these problem plants before they fully develop is known as pre-emergent weed control.

Pre-emergent treatments are highly effective when applied correctly. Knowing when to use pre-emergent weed killers can be a complicated process. There is a time period of just a few days for these herbicides to be applied correctly. If you miss this window of opportunity the treatment will fail to show any results. To ensure that you see the desired results of weed treatments you may need to reach out to a lawn care expert. The professionals have the best shot at getting rid of the risk of weeds in your lawn.

Proper lawn maintenance prevents weeds

Lawns that have not received proper maintenance are more susceptible to weed invasion. By staying on top of regular maintenance such as mowing, fertilization, aeration and irrigation you can prevent many of the most common lawn weeds. In lawns with high maintenance patterns you may find that the required workload seems overwhelming. Netherless, this maintenance is essential for homeowners who wish to have a yard full of healthy green grass. When your grass has achieved ideal health, it is strong enough to fight off many potential invaders such as weeds and insects.

Homeowners who do not have much time to devote to their lawns may want to consider seeking the advice of a lawn care company or landscaping service. Many companies allow you to select specific services and exclude others, allowing you to save money by continuing to perform lawn duties that you are comfortable with. When building a custom plan consider selecting the services that require a more advanced level of lawn care knowledge. Pre-emergent weed control, pH balancing, and pest control services are all much more reliable when performed by professionals.

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