Choosing the Best Types of Grass for Your Lawn

There are many types of grass seeds that are available for your yard, some of which will produce a higher quality lawn than others. Just about all of these seeds can thrive in the right conditions, but what is right for one homeowner could be completely wrong for another. By getting to know your yard and the regional conditions that it experiences, you can successfully pick the best type of grass.

When assessing your grass seed options, make sure to get as much information about each seed as possible. Make sure to avoid budget-focused types of grass, as these seed blends usually contain large amounts of filler. This filler drastically reduces the chances of your lawn growing successfully. Most homeowners that struggle with growing a new lawn fail to do the required research before they select a seed and plant it.

Local conditions are everything

The reason that there are so many types of grass seeds available is because different types of grass work better in some lawns than others. A healthy lawn depends on dozens of factors, some of which cannot be controlled by the homeowner. The local weather patterns that you experience eliminate many of the various types of grass that are available, and they also point you in the direction of the best type of seed.

Here are some of the individual factors that make a difference when selecting the best type of grass for your lawn:

  • Average high and low temperatures
  • Average rainfall totals
  • Soil type
  • The amount of direct sun exposure in your lawn
  • Amount of foot traffic in your yard
  • Amount of time you have to devote to your lawn

Once you’ve assessed all of these local conditions, you can begin your search for the best type of grass for your lawn. Some types of grass seeds are very high maintenance – if you only have a limited amount of time to devote to your lawn these seeds should not be considered. Though far from comprehensive, here are some basic grass seed suggestions by region:

Still unsure? Ask an expert

If you’ve researched types of grass and compared their ideal conditions to your area and are still unsure, it is time to ask an expert. Experts, especially local ones, will be able to offer you the best advice about selecting a grass seed for your lawn. There are many types of experts you can consult, including the employees at your local gardening stores, neighbors with especially successful lawns, and companies that specialize in lawn care.

Not only can a lawn care company recommend the best type of grass for your yard, they can also carry out the planting process to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. If you are not experienced in planting grass or are just unsure of your abilities, this will be the best option for you. Having an expert plant the seeds guarantees a healthy lawn, and the company can either continue to care for your lawn afterwards or point you in the right direction for building your year long lawn care schedule.

Don’t let the various types of grass overwhelm you from growing the lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Take your time to research your area, the types of grass that are likely to thrive and the best steps for continued lawn care after planting. By following these steps you’ll have a yard full of healthy grass in no time.

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